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Local Artist and Author donates percentage of proceeds to Women & Girls Fund, a special project of TCF

October 2, 2015

Claire Haye well-known Taos Artist has written a book:

A Modern Woman’s Guide to Aging: Together We Consider Our Options explores the trials and challenges that contemporary women face as they age.

With insight and humor, the Guide weaves together research, ideas, personal stories and thought-provoking questions to assist your own wise woman’s search for self-understanding and direction. With generous space to journal, the book invites you to examine your own personal issues and options. It will help you navigate your future, create your own map and move forward with confidence, mindfulness, and grace.

This book is available at Claireworks Gallery in Arroyo Seco or order online at

Thank you Claire! for donating a percentage of your proceeds to the TCF Women & Girls Fund.